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Mad for Plaid - Pink - X-Slim Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse Desktop Set

€ 40,25

  • € 40,25
  • 28 May. 2021, 11:36:18
  • 31551 x

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Kenmerken:Patented A-Shape Key Structure -The Exclusive Patented A-Shape Key Structure is Designed toEmulate a Natural Typing Position Preventing REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY to Wrist,Neck and Shoulder.6 Convenient Hot keys -The multimedia keyboard features 6 Convenient Hot Keys, making it easier to control the music and sound.Audio In/Out Ports -Easy access to your headphone and microphone ports for convenient voice chat, VoIP calling, or listening to your favorite music.High Speed 2.0 USB Port -Perfect for quick connection of flash storage devices, digital camera, your mouse and more!Extended Keyboard Height -Adjustable tilt legs enable a truly personalized experience. Choose the keyboard height that maximizes your comfort and matches your style.Laser Inscribed Keys -Ensures you will never loose key identity.Exclusive 2-Wheel Scrolling - Vertical & Horizontal -The Ultimate in Flexibility and Functionality - Exclusive 2-Wheel design increases efficiency when working in spreadsheets, graphics applications, the internet, and Word documents.Features in Second Scrolling Wheel -Horizontal Scrolling, Zoom In/Out, Forward/Backward Webpages, and Previous Document/Next.G-Laser works on 99% of all surfaces -Test result with G-Laser: Excellent.1000 DPI G-Laser -Offers Absoulute Precision and Works on Almost Any Surface with Pinpoint Accuracy.Patented 2X Button -Say Goodbye to double click, directly opens files and programs. Saves time and improves efficiency.4th and 5th Button -'Programmable Buttons' accelerate browsing of web pages & documents. (default function: Forward/Backward)Mouse Pad - Provides excellent performance for the mouse

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